What Is Yours.org And Why Should You Be There?


A lot of us in the crypto space are very excited by most things crypto-centric and some of us even wish we could make a living in this new and exciting industry. Cool, well, Hobo Joe is here to help you with that by hooking you up with some info about Yours.org.

So what is this site and why should we care? Yours.org is very similar to Steemit but mostly wrapped around the concept of Bitcoin Cash as the means of compensating others. However, its a more privatized way of earning profit with the ability for you to provide only a sample of your article with an option for people to pay to get past the pay wall protecting the rest of the information.

Okay, I know what you're thinking... Right, its nice to get free info and CHOOSE if you want to profit the content creators with an upvote like you get to do on Steemit. Here's the thing, on Steemit lots of people comment on your post and don't even upvote. Sure, they agree with you, but they reserve their upvote for a more self-serving purpose more often than not. Additionally, on Steemit the minnows rarely make a dime in upvotes without profiting huge whale bots that get paid to upvote your post and take 25% on top. I like Steemit, but with the current system we're getting screwed...

Sometimes you provide materials that are free but sometimes you want to profit off other material, and actually guarantee profit, not merely hope on the whimsical favor of the ultra rich. In that moment Yours.org is the place you want your content to be!

Speaking of hoping on favor, hook up your crypto-hobo joe...

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