What Is BitX?


By Mason Harris

The advent of big data has come with it the strong demand in the marketplace for data as a product. Although many are concerned about data collection practices of companies storing and preserving the community’s personal data, data collection in a non-personal way can lead to many benefits for society and an optimized knowledge base on the internet. Using the Bitx immutable blockchain platform interwoven with the extensively intuitive Artificial Intelligence engine built into Bitx, this FinTech project directs its attention toward perceptive data analyzing smart contracts. The goal with the Bitx project is to bring information monetization to the next level with blockchain’s advanced ledger functionality combined with state-of-the-art machine learning technology.

As information becomes more and more abundant it becomes difficult for users to discover the right information they want, but advanced AI protocols can assist in targeting our research and learning efforts with intuitive assessment of our regular attention. Thanks to the blockchain’s innate encryption processes it is possible to fragment personal data for privacy protection while effectively personalizing the user’s information procurement objectives. This is where the Bitx blockchain shines, effectively collecting important statistical data that can be used for enhanced accuracy in attention preferences and research analysis, yet maintaining anonymity.

Bitx aims to fight against censorship on the internet. It seems everywhere the information sources we are suppose to be able to trust either make things up entirely or angle the facts just right to make half-truths seem accurate. Bitx provides a censorless environment where you are in control of the information made available, with filters as an option to avoid content you deem not worthy of your attention.

Bitx has received local government support but is also partially government owned, which may have an effect on your decision to invest in it. It has financial licenses that are privately owned by a parent company.


CEO - Han Yiqiu, he has a PHD in knowledge discovery, and has experience in FinTech and hedge fund management.

CTO - Yang Ziwei, he acted as project manager of big data for Oracle Corp.

Business Intelligence Analyst - Hunter Sze, has extensive experience in machine learning, robotics and mechanical engineering.

Blockchain Developer - Si Tou Shun Kit is an expert in blockchain architecture and design.