What Is Attrace?


By Mason Harris

Many of the larger and more well known companies online have been putting bans on the rapidly emerging blockchain industry, and while the opposition is fierce, this has provided an opportunity for blockchain to adapt and come out stronger than ever.

The most obvious area of attack on the cryptocurrency economy is the Adwords, Facebook ads, Bing and Yahoo ad platforms widespread rejection of everything ICO and blockchain. Although this can make things difficult for legitimate ICO projects it creates a huge demand for blockchain-oriented ad program and that’s where the decentralized Attrace blockchain comes in.

Attrace aims to reduce fees for advertisers and publishers by decentralizing the traditional middleman and shrinking the risk of fake pay-per-click rewards. Attrace boasts much quicker compensation to affiliates for performance, open and direct communication between the two parties (affiliates and advertisers), and easy entrance for new and smaller businesses seeking promotion.

Affiliate marketing is valued at $13 billion in revenue for this year and anticipates an impressive 12% growth going forward. As the online community’s affections for decentralized applications or dApps grows and with the traditional major players having excused themselves from the crypto-economy the future is promising for companies such as Attrace.

Although the largest competitors have left the arena, that does not mean there are no challengers for the Attrace blockchain. Sites like AdsCrypto, Coinverti and several others are also cropping up to battle for market share. However, many of these businesses service the community much more like exchanges and traditional middleman, while Attrace seeks to not get in the middle of anyone, but instead to get out of your way so that you get to making money. The decentralized, blockchain-based element of Attrace is key.

The Attrace design takes a non-traditional approach, not tracking conversions in the form of sale or clicks but the intelligence powering this platform watches for each referral and lead generated. This means it takes in more detail allowing for more refined auditing. It all runs and is secured by a smart contract and automatically compensates the appropriate source of the referral.

The project aims to utilize Goland for optimal performance and it will not be just another fork but a complete new creation from the ground up. Unlike the myriads of ERC20 token projects out there, Attrace intends to provide its own native coin and network to support the crypto-ads community. Witnesses will secure this network in a delegated POS, guaranteeing your assets by their risk and reward incentive program.