Hobo Report: Steem Engine Market

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Steem Engine Market

People are building and developing on Steem! The price of Steem has seen a bullish 20% movement this week as Steemit Inc. brings in new hires and projects built on Steem keep popping up everywhere.

But what could be the reason for such an increase in value recently? One possible reason could be the buzz around a new project called Steem Engine. The marketplace for Steem-engine.com has recently launched and many tokens have already been created, listed and traded.

There are a great many silly tokens listed right now that the public likely should not take seriously such as the Another Useless Token and the Bitcoin BTC token (unless its a peg?). However, this seems to be the norm for the cryptocurrency space in general and there are plenty of legitimate projects building on the Steem Engine sidechain.

Here is a review of the high performers for today:

03092019 Steem Engine High Performers.png

Here is a review of the low performers for today:

03092019 Steem Engine Low Performers.png

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