What Will Happen To Anonymous Bitcoin?

Forking a blockchain is definitely a nerve racking concept for anyone involved in the blockchain, and we might feel like we have no say in the matter. If we look at Ethereum vs. Ethereum classic in ETH valuations, we see that Classic was not a profitable instance of staying-the-course. What’s... the right thing to do? Should we always go with the new change? It isn’t as simple as saying that people not moving ahead with the change are being stubborn, the new direction might take your hard earned investment on a path you don’t want or it might be a concept you don’t believe in. What should we think about Anonymous Bitcoin? It has the infamous Crypto-King backing the move, and there are some nice plans ahead with the project. This fork comes with a promise by the Anonymous Bitcoin team that there will be meticulous reporting to the community about every major milestone along the way, with video lectures and open Q&As. I’m interested in knowing your thoughts about this move. Is it good, or should we keep Bitcoin, the grandfather of cryptocurrencies, immortalized in its original form?
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