The Brave VS JSECoin Cage Fight!!!

JSECoin is a little guy in this ring, and many people still don’t knows about JSECoin or its ICO which is ending in the next two days. But it might just prove to be the little coin that can. Unlike most coins that live or die based on their ICO,... the JSECoin team are not afraid that the ICO doesn’t hit their hard cap goal of 50,000,000 coin buy-up , because they actually have a product that works today. Yet in the other corner is Brave Browser’s Basic Attention Token system. The concept of the Basic Attention Token is interesting and different, with publishers and webmasters having a new way of earning revenue for their sites but also a method for web surfers to enjoy profit as well. Brave intends to offer the internet surfing community a few options: 1. an advertisementless experience, 2. a lightly advertised experience for the content creation considerate surfer, and 3. priority attention advertising where people get paid for their attention to the advertisements. Brave distributes permitted contributions to websites at the convenience of surfers according to their preferences. It is a complete opt-in system for these contributions and the publishers depend on their visitor’s generosity for profit. What’s really cool about this is that people can vote what they like or don’t like by contributing or not contributing, much like ‘voting with your dollars’ and this cultivates an environment of enhanced economic democracy. On the other side JSECoin has a revolutionary style of securing its network, putting power back into the hands of the masses. Any webmaster can embed the JSECoin miner snippet into their site and profit from site traffic collectively contributing hashing power and the best part is that it is completely seamless for the visitor. But that is not the only way to mine on the JSECoin platform… With a click of a button you can mine on your desktop, smartphone or electronic tablet as an individual and pools might be made available in the future. In addition to the ease of use and equal opportunity design built into JSECoin they are scheduled to pump out some excellent features to support the coin by enabling it to conveniently and swiftly perform payment transactions for freelance work, subscription plans, product sales, file and media downloads and more. JSECoin was designed to be compatible to a variety of operating systems both for desktop and mobile. Final round! Price comparison: Currently the buy-in rate for Basic Attention Token (BAT) is $0.25 USD per BAT, while JSECoin is $0.005 USD per JSECoin token, both offered on the Ethereum blockchain. From these numbers I believe both have incredible room to grow and become game changers on the internet scene. However, while Brave has a legendary team and an interesting idea, I consider their concept less beneficial to all its participants than JSECoin. Brave’s platform has deep respect for the opt-in concept, but it has some flaws. Although I like choice, their model requires contributors to sacrifice some of their token out of generosity to skilled publishers. It’s nice to believe in the good in people, but the online piracy boom ever since Napster tells us a much different story about human nature. JSECoin on the other hand offers a win-win situation for everyone involved. The publisher/webmaster doesn’t have to depend on a collective of generous spirits, because they profit from the traffic merely arriving and interacting with their site, the processes is automatic and many visitors to a site will not even be aware that they are assisting in securing the network and collectively mining coins for the webmaster. The visitor pays nothing and enjoys site content for free and the site owner is rewarded for their work with coins. The JSECoin blockchain opens new opportunities to bloggers, indie authors, game designers, edupreneurs and no doubt many more prospects. JSECoin: Brave
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